Dominion Smart Builder

Generate random Dominion sets the smart way

So, what does a Smart Randomizer do?

We've played a lot of Dominion, and we noticed something about completely randomly generated sets: much of the time, they're a lot of fun. But sometimes, perhaps too often, you get a set of 10 kingdom cards that just doesn't work as well. Maybe there aren't enough +actions so you can't really use the cards out there. Maybe there are too many attacks, or so many +actions that the game really drags to a halt. Maybe there are plenty of funky, unique cards but not enough cards that actually help you get the treasure you need to win the game.

Enter the Dominion Smart Randomizer. Our randomizer doesn't just pick 10 random cards for you. We developed a special algorithm to generate sets of cards that will always be fun to play. No more "dead" sets of cards where you'll just end up buying the basic treasures. No more insanely long games due to far too many attack cards slowing everything down. Our smart randomizer aims to give you sets of cards that still draw from all the expansions and give you wildly varying sets, but in the end will be more balanced for fun, exciting gameplay. We aim to give you Dominion at its best. And if you feel like going completely random anyways, you can always select the "true random" option below.

We're pretty confident in our work, but this is still a beta, which means things might not work as intended or could be better. Please use our tool, and we'd really appreciate you filling out a survey after using it - especially after playing with a set you generated using our tool. Your answers and comments will help us to perfect our app to make it the best Dominion randomizer out there. They'll also help us determine which features are the most important to add next.

Thanks in advance for your help. We hope you enjoy our app. Please share with your friends!

Choose which sets to include:

Include Attack Cards?

If 1 or more Attack cards are selected, include at least 1 Reaction?

Include Platinum/Colony?

Include Shelters?

Variables (Black = POSTed / Red = Default)
Include Dominion: 0
Include Intrigue: 0
Include Alchemy: 0
Include Seaside: 0
Include Prosperity: 0
Include Hinterlands: 0
Include Cornucopia: 0
Include Dark Ages: 0
Include Guilds: 0
Include Platinum/Colony: 2
Include Shelters: 2
Use Smart Random: 2
Include Attack Cards: 2
Include Reaction Cards: 0
Include Cards:
Exclude Cards:
Initial Card Pool: 0
Action: 0 (Range: 0 - 1000)
Buy: 0 (Range: 0 - 1000)
Card/Coin: 0 (Range: 0 - 1000)
Trash: 0 (Range: 0 - 1000)
Attack: 0 (Range: 0 - 1000)

Use Platinum & Colony: NO (Chance: 0 | Pick: 0)
Use Shelters: NO (Chance: 0 | Pick: 0)

  • Starting Hands: Deal each player 3 Estate cards and 7 Copper cards
  • Victory Cards: For all Victory cards (Estate, Duchy, and Province) place 12 of each card in piles in the Supply in a 3 or 4 player game. In a 2 player game, place only 8 of each in the Supply. Place unused Victory cards back in the box.
  • Curse Cards: Place 10 Curse cards in the Supply for a 2 player game, 20 Curse cards for 3 players, and 30 Curse cards for 4 players. Return unused Curse cards to the box. Curse cards are always available, even in games without cards that specifically call for it.